As the complexity of defense systems, industrial products and other emerging technologies continues to increase, so too has the need for robust and effective engineering solutions. Compass Systems is a trusted partner supporting everything from the identification and analysis of requirements through the selection and assessment of technology and architecture, from there we design, development, execute, and deliver rigorously tested systems. Our meticulous approach is built to protect and enhance critical technology, components, and information through cost-effective solutions.

Air Vehicle

Compass Systems provides a wide range of technology-based solutions associated with the full lifecycle of maritime and ship-based air vehicles and their associated subsystems. Our services include systems engineering, aeromechanics, structures, vehicle subsystems, materials engineering, and corrosion prevention and control. Compass Systems’ uniquely qualified technical personnel support Integrated Program Teams (IPTs) and Externally Directed Teams (EDTs) that cover both manned and unmanned air vehicles. 


Compass Systems has extensive experience supporting the development of custom and specialty components for many DoD platforms. We perform exploratory research, scientific analysis, design and fabrication of specialized systems and components, data and signal processing, theoretical modeling, numerical simulations, and algorithm development for special mission sensors and systems. Our expertise includes the development of design models, field testing of sensor systems and components, and the analysis of experimental and theoretical data to validate sensor and signal processing performance.

Mechanical Design

We have the experience and expertise in mechanical design to rapidly capture customer specific requirements, optimize our designs to specifically meet these needs, and stringently maintain configuration management of Technical Data Packages (TDPs). Mechanical teams are also very experienced in the area of rapid prototyping and proof of concept development through the use of a variety of rapid manufacturing and additive prototyping equipment.

Our robust designs are demonstrated by our ability to meet stringent MIL-STD-461 Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) hardening and MIL-STD-810 environmental hardening. Our mechanical design engineers use a variety of tools including AutoCAD®, Autodesk®, Inventor®, SolidWorks®, and Pro-E to develop design packages required for fabrication and installation drawings.


We have a wealth of experience providing electrical engineering services and solutions for military communications systems, tactical data links, and SATCOM communications systems including INMARSAT, Ku-band commercial, and military Ku-band. Compass Systems also provides custom electronic printed circuit board (PCB), system development, EMI/EMC analysis and mitigation solutions, network extension through LOS and OTH data links, expertise with RF propagation and link budget analysis, analysis of antenna apertures and modulation schemes, transmit power predictions based on desired data rates, and extensive cable harness design capabilities. Our electrical design engineers use a variety of tools including Visio®, Cadence Allegro®, OrCAD®, and more.

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